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J. H. H. Weiler

J.H.H. Weiler was at Harvard Law School and moved to NYU Law School, as Director of Centre for International and Regional Economic Law & Justice, at the end of the Spring Semester 2001.

JHH Weiler serves as Co-Director of the Academy of European Law at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy, responsible for the Academy on Line; he is, too, Professor at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium, Honorary Professor at University College, London University and Honorary Professor at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen.

He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

He holds degrees from Sussex (B.A.); Cambridge (LL.B. and LL.M.) and The Hague Academy of International Law (Diploma of International Law); he earned his Ph.D. in European Law at the EUI, Florence. He is the recipient of a Doctorate Honoris Causa from London University.

He served as Professor and head of the Department of Law at the European University Institute, Florence, and in 1989 was a founder of its Academy of European Law.

He has been Visiting Professor at, among others, the University of Paris, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, the Max Planck Institute for International Law at Heidelberg, All Souls College, Oxford, Chicago Law School, Stanford Law School, Yale Law School, the Ortega Y Gasset Institute, Madrid, NYU Law School and the University of Frankfurt.

He served as a Member of the Committee of Jurists of the Institutional Affairs Committee of the European Parliament co-drafting the European Parliament's Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms and the Parliament's input to the Maastricht Inter-Governmental Conference.

He was a member of the Groupe des Sages advising the Commission of the European Union on the 1996/97 Amsterdam Treaty and is currently a member of the Action Jean Monnet Team advising the Commission on the Governance White Paper.

He is a WTO Panel Member.

He is a founding Editor of the European Journal of International Law and is member of editorial board of the European Law Journal.

He is a Member of the Advisory Boards or Scientific Committees of the Journal of Common Market Studies, Cahiers de Droit Européen, Common Market Law Review, European Foreign Affairs Review, the Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law, the Columbia Journal of European Law, the Harvard International Review, the Harvard International Law Journal, the (Australian) Federal Law Review, the Journal of European Integration, the Bulletin of European Political Cooperation and ELSA-Selected Papers of European Law.

He is a Council Member of the Centre for European Economic and Public Affairs, University College, Dublin, a Member of the Board of the Centre for the Law of the European Union at University College London, and at the Ortega y Gasset Institute, Madrid. He is Member of the Advisory Council of the Interdisciplinary University Center, Herzelia, Israel.

At Harvard he is a Faculty Associate of the Center for International Affairs and of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, and a Senior Fellow at the Center for European Studies.

He is author of articles and books in the fields of international, comparative and European law. His most recent publications include Europa: Fin de Siglo (Centro de Estudes Constitutionales, Madrid, 1995) The Constitution of Europe - do the New Clothes have an Emperor? (Cambridge Univ. Press, 1998) Kompetenzen und Grundrecht (with Bruno Simma, Markus C. Zöckler) (Dunker & Humblot, Berlin, 1999) and a Novella, Der Fall Steinmann (Bettina Wassmann Verlag, Bremen 1998; Piper 2000)
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