IEEM Courses and Research Grants


6th ~ 11th July
Macau Cultural Centre
Participants should choose one required course either course (1a) or (1b) plus 6 out of 7 optional courses.  

1a. Law of International Trade, 4 hours, Prof. Henry Gao, Singapore Management University, Singapore
1b. Law of International Investment, 4 hours, Prof. Shotaro Hamamoto, Kyoto University, Japan

     2. Food Safety, 4 hours, Prof. Francis Snyder, School of Transnational Law, Peking University, Shenzhen Graduate School, China

     3. Global Health Law, 4 hours, Prof. Yanzhong Huang, Seton Hall University USA

     4. Investment Treaties and Regional Integration in Asia, 4 hours, Prof. Pasha Hsieh, Singapore Management University, Singapore

     5. Impact of Global Financial Crisis on Investment Law, 4 hours,  Prof. Jurgen Kurtz,  The University of Melbourne, Australia

     6. Trade in Services, 4 hours, Prof. Pierre Sauvé, World Trade Institute Berne, Switzerland
     7. ADR in Investor-State Disputes, 4 hours, Prof. Shahla Ali, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
     8. Water and International Economic Law, 4 hours, Prof. Paulo Canelas de Castro, University of Macau, Macau

Total course hours to be taken by participants (4 Compulsory hours + 24 Optional hours = 28 hrs)
13th ~17th July
STL, Peking University Shenezhen Graduate School

Participants may choose either course (9a) or (9b) plus 4 out of 5 optional courses and must attend the Roundtable on International Trade and Investment Law : Intersections and Recent Developments,
Chaired by Dean Phil McConnaughay, STL; participants: Joseph Weiler, Sung Hoon Park, Rajesh Sharma, Mark Feldman on the afternoon of 13th July.

9a.Economics of International Trade and Investment, 4 hours, Prof. Sung-Hoon Park, Korea University, Korea
9b. World Trade Organization – Dispute System Mechanism, 4 hours, Prof. Rajesh Sharma, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

10. Investment Treaties and Arbitration, 4 hours, Prof. Mark Feldman, School of Transnational Law, Peking University Shenzhen Campus, China

11. China, India and the New International Economic Order, 4 hours, Prof. M. Sornarajah, National University of Singapore, Singapore

12. Resource Policy and Law in Asian Countries, 4 hours, Prof. Joongi Kim, Yonsei Law School, Korea

13. International Financial Law, 4 hours, Prof. Julien Chaisse, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

14. International Arbitration from a Chinese Perspective, 4 hours, Prof. Manjiao Chi, Center for Global Cooperation Research(GCR) University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Total course hours to be taken by participants (4 Compulsory hours + 16 Optional hours = 20 hrs)

Total course hours to be taken by participants in two weeks (28 hrs + 20 hrs + 4 hrs Roundtable seminar = 52 hrs)

We reserve rights to limit the number of students per elective course to ensure the quality of each course. If a desired course is filled, applicants will be informed to take another course. 

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