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EU-NESCA Series: Transformation, Development, and Regionalization in Greater Asia


Volume 4: European Union and Asia – A Dialogue on Regionalism and Interregional Cooperation

Editors: Reimund Seidelmann and Andreas Vasilache

Description: This volume gives a state-of-the art overview of concepts and perspectives of regionalism and interregional cooperation with a particular focus on interregional relations between Asia and Europe. By combining a theoretical and conceptual approach with a strong empirical insight and regional knowledge, scholars from Asia, the Asian-Pacific region and Europe explore the political, economic, security and cultural aspects of regionalization processes and Interregional cooperation.

This discussion of both chances and possible traps in regionalization processes and in interregional cooperation in Asia and Europe shows that interregionalism can provide a basis for good governance in a globalized world.

ISBN 978-3-8329-3433-0

Publication Date: 2008

EU-NESCA Series: Transformation, Development, and Regionalization in Greater Asia



 Volume 3: European Union Identity – Perceptions from Asia and Europe

Editors: Jessica Bain and Martin Holland 

Description: This is the third volume in the EU-NESCA Research Dialogue Book Series, which contains the revised versions of papers presented in July 2006 in Christchurch, New Zealand hosted by EU-NESCA Consortium Member National Centre for Research on Europe at University of Canterbury.

ISBN 978-3-8329-3054-7

Publication Date: 2007 




Authors: Arturo Montanelli, Carlos Marreiros, Danilo Palazzo, Ettore Zambelli, Ezio Riva, Federico Butera, Gabriele Masera, Giuliana Lannaccone, Giuseppe Turchini, José Luis Sales Marques, Marco Imperadori, Massimo Tadi, Michele Calzavara, Ottavio Di Blasi, Stefan Rau

Description: This book is the result of the 1st ACE Seminar “Sustainable Urban Regeneration throughout the Renewal of Old Districts: the Macau case”. It was an intensive programme which provided opportunities of learning new professional tools to deal with a complex built environment, both in designing new architecture or in refurbishing and preserving old buildings, as well as re-tracing urban nets and configurations of the cities towards a sustainable development. In particular, this seminar dealt with the currents needs of urban regeneration of Macau. It offered to the students a broad view on methodologies of European derivation linked with the Asiatic specific contest.

263 pages, 25cm x 18.5cm

ISBN 978-99937-670-8-4

Publication Date: September, 2007

Price: MOP200




Authors: Reimund Seidelmann, Thomas Meyer, Sung Hoon Park , Rajendra K. Jain, Zhang Jikang, Charit Tingsabadh, Martin Holland, David Camroux

Description: Every project has a story. The Network of the European Studies Centres in Asia started in 1997 when the Macau Institute of European Studies organized the first meeting gathering several Asian Centres dedicated to European Studies. It was decided that each two years a meeting should take place in Macau. The number of Centres increased to 23 in 2004 and additional new centres are coming. In this meeting it was decided to develop a programme that could increase the links inside the Network and with Centres in European Universities. A core group was formed and a first document was produced. The Nesca project comprised a set of thematic workshops, conferences, a Portal and a Forum.

Once the first draft was prepared it was apparent that it had to be linked to European Research Institutions in order to trigger the dialogue on European key issues. This exchange of knowledge should be seen as a trickling down process and this would be the role of the Portal and Forum. In the Macau meeting in 2004, the possibility of the Nesca project becoming a EU-Nesca project, insert in the 6 th Framework Programme of the DG Research was worked out and Prof. Reimund Seidelmann from Giessen and Brussels Universities was appointed to analyze the possibilities of setting up a candidature. Two Consortiums were formally established. One gathering European Institutions – University of Giessen, University of Warwick, Sciences Politiques-Paris, Free University of Brussels. Another one, gathering Asia Centres – Macau Institute of European Studies, Korea University, Chulalungkor n University, Chistchurch University and Fudan University in Shanghai.
A final programme was approved by all members of the two Consortiums and Reimund Seidelmann was asked to formalize the application and to cope with all the requisites necessary for the acceptance and selection of a programme insert in the philosophy of the 6th Framework Programme.

323 pages, 22cm x 16cm

ISBN 99937-670-7-7

Publication Date: November, 2006



Author: Nuno Texeira, Jae-Seung Lee, H.W. Houweling, Chen Zhimin, Mazimilian B. Rasch, András Hajdu, Lt.Gen. Satish Nambiar, Rajendra K. Jain, Panos Tsakaloyannis, Knut Kirste, Takako Ueto

Description: The EU-NESCA Project included two workshops to be set up along the first year of the programme. The first one, has as its main topic the EU foreign and security policies; the second one, would focus the question of European Identity and Diversity.

This first book contains the papers presented and discussed in the first workshop that took place in May 2006
(4th to 6th) in Macau. The topic is by itself crucial in our time, both in political research terms or on our day to day life. Europe has a role to play in global context. However it is necessary to discuss if the European Union has the policies and means to be a real player. The analysis of the limits of European negotiations and actions is a key issue in the arena of multipolar unbalances and conflicts. In addition the analysis of the possibilities and scenarios for a widen and deepen global responsibility of the EU is equal relevance. This was the purpose of the seminar and we hope that this book can contribute to a better understanding of the need for progress on European strategies and policies and how they can be implemented on a global basis.

360 pages, 22cm x 16cm

ISBN 99937-670-6-9

Publication Date: November, 2006 

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