Prof. Francesco Passarelli

Francesco Passarelli

* Ph.D. in Economics, Bocconi University, Milan.
* MA in Economics, University Catholique de Louvain.
* B.A. in Economics, University Commerciale “L. Bocconi”, Milan. (Italy)

* Associate Professor of Political Economy, University of Teramo, Italy.
* Contract Professor of European Political Economy, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy

Other Positions:
* Visiting Professor, Dartmouth College, Hanover (NH), USA.
* Visiting Professor, University of Victoria, Victoria (BC), Canada.
* Visiting Scholar, University of California Berkeley, Berkeley (CA), USA.
* Visiting Professor, University of Malaya – UMESP, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
* Senior Research Fellow, Ispi, Institute for Foreign Policy Studies, Milan, Italy.

Other Positions:
* “Who has the Power in the EU?” (with J. Barr), Department of Economics WP 2004-005, Rutgers University (currently under second revision at Mathematical Social Sciences).
* “Integration Contracts with Asymmetric Players”, mimeo (currently submitted at Economic Theory)
* “Voting Under Uncertainty: rational choice vs prospect theory”, mimeo (currently submitted at Economcs Letters).
* “Multilinear Extension and Ideological Coalition Formation” WP 2004-012, Rutgers University (with J. Barr).
* “When the Powerful Drag Their Feet” (with P. Schure and D. Scoones), University of Victoria, Department Discussion Paper DDP0703, ISSN 1914-2838, September 2007.
* “Voting as a Lottery” (with G. Attanasi and L. Corazzini), Università Bocconi, WP Isla 28, April 2007.
* “Asymmetric Bargaining”, Università Bocconi, WP Isla 28, April 2007.
* “Voting on Externalities”, mimeo.

Selected Publications
* “Preferences, the Agenda Setter and the Distribution of Power in the EU” (with J. Barr), Social Choice and Welfare, 1/2007.
* Unione europea: governance e regolamentazione, (edited by) Il Mulino, Bologna, 2006.
* “Foreign Direct Investments in Central and Eastern Europe, the Role of EU firms”, (with L. Resmini), Rivista di economia e politica industriale, n. 99, 1998.
* “Integrazione verticale e R&S: incentivi strategici e politiche antitrust”, L’industria, n. 3, 1997.
* “Vertical Integration and Technological Spillovers”, Il giornale degli economisti, Oct. Dec., 1996.