The Institute of European Studies of Macau (IEEM) and the University of Macau (UM) jointly offer a 2-year program – Master of Social Sciences in European Studies (MSSEUS).  This is an interdisciplinary program that provides in-depth insights into the European Union’s past, present and future from various perspectives. The MSSEUS is organized into two parts: coursework in the first year and project report in the second year. There are four modules in the curriculum and the following gives the details of the coursework to be offered during the two semesters of this academic year:

Tentative Program of Master of Social Sciences in European Studies 

Programme of Master of Social Sciences in European Studies
Course Code Course Title Credit Hour
Module 1: General  7.5 112.5
GPAD7521 Public Policy and Politics 1 15
GPAD7522 Governments and EU Governance 1 15
GPAD7523 Social Policy and European Identity 1 15
GPAD7524 History of European Integration 1 15
GPAD7504 Research Methods 1 15
GPAD7505 Academic Writing 1 15
GPAD7525 Seminar on selected topics about European politics, governance, social or public policies 1.5 22.5
Module 2: Economics 7.5 112.5
GPAD7526 Introduction to Macroeconomics 1 15
GPAD7527 Theory of European Integration 1 15
GPAD7528 Economic Policies of the EU 1.5 22.5
GPAD7529 The European Monetary Union in the World Context 1 15
GPAD7510 Globalization & EU’s Foreign Direct Investment 1 15
GPAD7514 EU and Sustainable Development 1 15
GPAD7530 Seminar on selected topics about European Economy 1 15
Module 3: Legal Framework  3.5 52.5
GPAD7531 EU Law I – Institutions and Treaties 1 15
GPAD7532 EU Law II – Four Freedoms 1.5 22.5
GPAD7533 Seminar on selected topics in the legal & institutional aspects of the EU 1 15
Module 4: EU & the World 5.5 82.5
GPAD7534 Theory of International Relations 1 15
GPAD7535 EU and the World I: the Neighbourhood 1 15
GPAD7536 EU and the World II: EU-Asia Relations 1.5 22.5
GPAD7520 EU and the World III: the Rest of the World 1 15
GPAD7537 Seminar on selected topics about EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policies 1 15
First Year subtotal :  24.0 360
GPAD7598 Project Report 6
Second Year subtotal :  6