Publications Under IEEM AR Grants

The List of the Grantees of AECSRP – IEEM Academic Research 2021

Dispute Resolution in Macau: Civil Procedure, Arbitration and Mediation 

Editor(s) Joao Loerto IIhao Moreira - Assistant Professor of Law University Of Macau, PhD in Law, University of Oxford UK

Publication: LexisNexis Hong Kong, Estimated date of Publication by the end of 2023
European Yearbook of International Economic Law

Editor(s)Alexandr Svetlicinii - Associate Professor University of Macau, PhD in Law European University Institute

Publication: Estimated date of Publication by the end of 2023
Smart Cities and RegionalDevelopment (SCRD) Journal, Algorithms weighing lives and freedoms: The case of China’s health code

Editor(s)Gu MinKang - Professor, Faculty of Law, Xiangtan University, China, Jurisprudence Doctor in Law, Willamette University College of Law, Oregon, USA
              Ina Virtosu
              Chen Li

Publication: Published in March 2023

ISSN: 2537 3803
ISSNL: 2537 3803 (Online)

The List of Grantees of AECSRP — IEEM Academic Research Grants 2020

Between Market Economy and State Capitalism:China’s State Owned Enterprises and the World Trade System 

Editor(s)Henry Gao - Associate Professor, Singapore Management University, Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD) – Vanderbilt University, USA
              Weihuan Zhou 

Publication: Cambridge University Press 2020

ISBN 9781108908795
Lusophone Belt and Road Initiative and Special Economic Zones

Editor(s)Francisco Jose Bernardino da Silva Leandro - Associate Professor, Associate Dean at Institute for Research on Portuguese Speaking Countries, City University of Macau, PhD, Portuguese Catholic University

Publication: November 2020

ISBN 9781799876205

The List of Grantees of AECSRP — IEEM Academic Research Grants 2019

Chinese State Owned Enterprises and EU Merger Control

Editor(s)Alexandr Sevtlicinii - Assistance Professor Faculty of Law University of Macau, PhD in Law, European University of Institute, Florence, Italy

Publication: Routledge 2019

ISBN 9780367513207
Macau in the Second World War: Diplomacy, Politics and Society

Editor(s)Lo Shiu Hing - Professor SPACE Hong Kong University, PhD in Political Sciences, University of Toronto, Canada

Publication: Springer Nature / Palgrave Macmillan 2019

ISBN 9783031084539

The List of Grantees of AECSRP — IEEM Academic Research Grants 2018

China European Union Investment Relationships: The Politics, The Economics and the Law

Editor(s) Julien Chaisse - Professor of Law, City University of Hong Kong, PhD in Law, University of Aix-Marseille, France

Publication: Berkeley Business Law Journal, Berkeley University Press 2018
French Views of Macau in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

Editor(s) Jingzhen Xie - PhD French Literature, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA

Publication: Palgrave / Springer Nature 2018

ISBN 9783030946647

The List of Grantees of AECSRP — IEEM Academic Research Grants 2016-17

How Important are SARs to PR China Security

Editor(s) Francisco Jose B. da Silva Leandro - Assistant Professor USJ, PhD Catholic University of Portugal
               Tak Wing Ngo

Publication: University of Macau 2018

ISBN 9789996510984
Economics Diversification of Small Economics; A Benchmark Study of the Economics Structure of Luxembourg and Malta – Lessons for Macau 

Editor(s) Zhonglu Zeng - Professor, Macau Polytechnic Institute, PhD in Economics, Nankai University of China

Publication: (Macau Studies) journal of University of Macau 2018
Memory and Identity: Macanese Cuisine in the Diaspora

Editor(s) Annabel Jackson - Lecturer Plumpton College, UK, MA School of Oriental and African Studies, London University UK

Publication: Hong Kong University Press 2020

ISBN 9769888525349
Investigating the Empirical Links between Creative and Critical Thinking Among Chinese Undergraduates in Macau

Editor(s) Kuan Chen Tsai - Assistant Professor City University of Macau, PhD Organizational Leadership, University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio, TX, USA

Publication: AAPE 

ISSN 21712085
Cultural Tourism and Macanese Gastronomy

Editor(s) Maria Joao Salvador dos Santos Ferreira - Retired University of Lisbon, PhD on Tourism University

Publication: Albergue SCM and CAC-Círculo dos Amigos da Cultura de Macau

ISBN 9789996588631

The List of Grantees of AECSRP — IEEM Academic Research Grants 2015-16

Sovereign Risk, Bank Defaults and the Role of Central Banks in the Eurozone and China

Editor(s) Francesco Passarelli - Associate Professor, Teramo University and Bocconi, PhD in Economics, Bocconi University
              Alessandro Del Ponte - PhD candidate, Stony Brook University
              Dr. Paolo Canofari - Researcher, LUISS Guido Carli School of European Political Economy

Publication: N/A
Expatriates, Expatriates Satisfaction Macau, Portuguese Disapora  - The Actuality of the Portuguese Expatriates in Macau

Editor(s) Susana Costa e Silva - Lecturer, School of Economics and Management of the Catholic University of Portugal, PhD in Marketing, Michael Smurfit School of Business, University College Dublin, Ireland
               Dr. Victor Teixeira - Lecturer School of Art, Catholic University in Portugal
               Dr. Helena Martins - Lecturer in Higher Education, University of Porto

Publication: Catholic University of Portugal 2019

ISBN 9879993796220
Experiencing Heritage in Macau: Anthropological Perspective on Intangible Cultural Heritage

Editor(s) Maria Cristina dos Santos Gaspar - PhD in Anthropology, Lisbon University Institute

Publication: Berghahn Books Incorporated, NY, USA 2020

ISBN 9781789208917

The List of Grantees of AECSRP — IEEM Academic Research Grants 2014-15

21st Century Maritime Silk Road, Macau Role Sub-national Actor: A Study of Macau ‘s New Role in the Context of 21st Century Maritime Silk Road

Editor(s) Tong Wei - Associate Researcher, China Foreign Affairs University, China

Publication: World Affairs Publishing House Selected Monographs of China Foreign Affairs University 2015
Competition Law and Policy in the Small Market Economies: Asian Challenges and European Experiences

Editor(s) Alexandr Svetlicinii - Assistant Professor of Law, University of Macau, PhD in Law, European University Institute, Florence, Italy 

Publication: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2018

ISBN 9783662479612

The List of Grantees of AECSRP – IEEM Academic Research Grants 2013-14

Sino – Europe Cultures of Remembrance

Editor(s) Dr. C.K. Martin Chung - Research Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University

Publication: German Academic Journal Jahrbuch fur Politik und Geschichte 2014
European Union and Macao: Two Subjects of International Law

Editor(s) Dr. Francisco Jose Bernardino da Silva Leandro, Assistant Professor University of, Macau

Publication: Fundacao Rui Cunha & Institute of European Studies in Macau 2016

ISBN 9789996576188

The Grantees of AECRSP IEEM Academic Research Grants 2012-13

Do WTO+ commitments in services trade agreements reflect a quest for optimal regulatory convergence? Evidence from Asia

Editor(s) Dr. Anirudh Shingal - Senior Research Fellow, World Trade Institute, University of Bern, PhD in Economics, University of Sussex, UK
              Pierre Suave - Deputy Managing Director and Director of Studies, World Trade Institute, University of Berne, Switzerland, PhD studies, Economics, St Antony’s College Oxford University, UK
              Dr. Martin Wermelinger - PhD Candidate in Economics and Finance, University of St Gallen, Switzerland

Publication: The World Economy Journal May 2018

ISBN 14679701
ISSN 03785920(Online)
Macau, Hong Kong and the European Perceptions of China

Editor(s) Dr. Carmen Amado Mendes - Assistant Professor, International Relations Department, University of Coimbra, Portugal, PhD in Political Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK

Publication: International Institute of Macau / Macau Scientific and Cultural Centre and Macau Foundation, Lisbon

ISBN 9789993745815 / 9789728586485
The Conceptualisation of the Competition Legal System of Macao Under the Perspective of EU 

Editor(s) Dr. Tang Tat Weng - Sector Head of Library and Documentation Centre of Financial Services Bureau Macau SAR, PhD in Law, China University of Political Science and Law

Publication: University of Macau Centre for Continuing Education 2017

ISBN 9789996510847
A Special Regional Actor in the World: Conceptualizing Macao’s Diplomatic Behaviour 

Editor(s) Dr. Song Weigqing - Assistant Professor in Politics and International Relations, Department of Government and Public Administration 
FSH, University of Macau, PhD in Political Sciences, University of Siena, Italy

Publication: East Asia Institute, National University of Singapore / China International Journal 2015

ISSN 02198614
Macau as a seat for Arbitration between China, Europe and Portuguese Speaking Countries

Editor(s) Dr. Fernando Miguel Dias Simoes - Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Macau, PhD in Law, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Publication: Kluwer Law International 2014

ISBN 9789041154163
Chinese Techno-Nationalism and the EU 

Editor(s) Dr. Luis Fernando Marques da Cunha - Head of the Press and Information Office of the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PhD in International Relations, Institute for Political and Social Sciences, University of Tecnia de Lisboa

Publication: Rui Cunha Foundation of Macau