Research Project Grant 2015 – 2016 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Aims of the grant:
The academic research grants referred aims at promoting original advanced interdisciplinary research focusing on Asia and Europe relations, regional studies and area studies, contributing to enhance Macau’s role as a centre for higher learning and research.

What topics and titles are required? Do any topics or titles have to be relevant to Macau?
Any topics and titled fulfilled the about mentioned requirements are welcome. The approvals of research grants are subject to the academic quality of applicants, research experiences, qualities of research proposals and structure of outlines. The research proposals are evaluated and verified by the Academic Council. The researches directly focusing on Macau studies in addition to the requirements may draw more attention during the processes of proposal evaluation.

Application and Applicant:
Who can apply the research grants? What academic qualifications of applicants are required?

Applicants from Macau local or overseas are welcome to apply for the research grants. Applicants, who pocess PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) degree or Master degree, are welcome to apply for the grants. Applicants may also form research groups of 3 to 5 members to apply for group research that at least one of the members holds PhD degree to coordinate the research projects. Applicants of PhD degree holders are required to submit the proofs of research experience in their applications. It is necessary for the applicants of Master degree holders to seek research supervisors for their applied research projects. The supervisors have to be PhD degree holders or above.

To provide equal opportunity of the grants for applicants, it is restricted for applicants to apply more than ONE research topic, either filing through individual application or as a member of group application, in each year research grant.

How to apply for the grant?

Individual applicants and group applicants are required to fill in the application forms that destine for individual applications or group applications accordingly, available on IEEM- AECSRP webpage. In addition to the documents required by the Article 7 of Regulations for AECSRP, 2 recent passport-sized photos and 2 copies of ID card(s) or valid passport(s). To be more reliable for applications, it is strongly recommended to prepare all the necessary documents and academic copies into a file and to duplicate the whole set of document to submit as a spare. Before submission the set of document, it is helpful either for applicants or administration to print the “Check-List of Submitted Documents” on our webpage, mark it and attach to the front page of the file.

Application form for the Group application consists of two parts: (a) Group Research – to describe the formation of the group and contacts of members; (b) application form of members’ personal details. It means that each member of the group should submit academic qualifications, copies of their documents and photos too in addition to the group application form.

Deadline of Application:

Applications can be made at any time throughout the year, either in person to IEEM’s head office or by registered post to this address (The Institute of European Studies of Macau, Calcada do Gaio, No 6, Macau SAR). Applicants are required to complete the application form(s) and document check list together with the required documents as listed on Article 7 of Regulations and 2 recent passport-sized photos for the applications.

The deadline of Application for the IEEM Research Project Grant 2015 – 2016 will be on the 30th January 2016  (postmarked date). Application form and further details are available on the webpage of IEEM – AECSRP (www.ieem.org.mo), please click here for details.

Format of the Research paper:
a) There are various acceptable styles on citations, footnotes and bibliography in academic writing. Applicants may choose any of the generally accepted styles, but a style, once chose, and should be followed consistently throughout the whole research paper.
b) IEEM stipulates the following requirements on the research paper writing and publication:
(i) Research paper should be typed or printed on A4-size paper. The left margin should not be less than 40mm, while 12 point font and double line spacing should be used for the content. 10 point font and single line spacing should be used for all citations. Superscript should be placed at the end of each sentence where citations or other appendix are used.
(ii) The research paper should be bound properly with transparent plastic covers.
(iii) It is required to submit 4 hard copies and 1 soft copy of the research paper to the IEEM

Please click here for the printed version of this FAQ

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