Asia-Europe Comparative Studies Research Project(AECSRP) – IEEM Academic Research Grant 2019

AECSRP provides a platform and opportunities for local and overseas scholars and professionals seeking to pursue academic researches on Asia, Europe, China and Macau, in multi-disciplines and to enrich and consolidate contents of Macau as the conjunction of the East and West.

Aims:   It is aimed at promoting original advanced interdisciplinary research focusing on Asia and Europe relations, regional studies and area studies, contributing to enhance Macau’s role as a center for higher learning and research.

IEEM Academic Research Grants amount are the merit of outstanding research proposals. Grant amounts vary subject to the number of successful candidates and available financial budgets. IEEM reserves the right of final decisions.

Eligibity:   The following persons are eligible to apply for a research grant:

1. Local or overseas holders of Ph.D degrees with proven research experience
2. Local or overseas holders of Masters degrees who seek to pursue academic research projects and whose professional experience is deemed adequate
3. A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 persons with the aforementioned qualifications, can present group research projects, which must be coordinated by a group member holding a PhD degree.
Appllication and Proposal Submission Deadline 31st March 2019

Download the application form – Individual Research
Download the Application form – Group Research

Please click here to read the full regulation for AECSRP

For any query, please contact Mr. Bentham Fong at telephone +853 28354326

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