Prof. Francisco B. S. José Leandro

Francisco B. S. José Leandro

Francisco B. S. José Leandro (Portuguese National) earned a Ph.D. in Political Science & International Relations (and Criminal International Law) from Catholic University of Portugal (magna cum laude), an Advance Diploma in International Law – Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale & Institute of International Humanitarian Law (Italy), an Advance Diploma in Military Science – Instituto de Altos Estudos Militares of Lisbon (War College – IAEM), an University Degree in Law from Autónoma University of Lisbon, an University Degree in Military and Social Sciences -from Portuguese Army Military Academy (Lisbon), and a NATO Legal Advisor & Public Relations Advisor Diploma from the NATO School, Oberammergau (Germany). In 2015, he was awarded with the Pearl River Delta Academy of International Trade and Investment Law Diploma (PRAIA)/Peking University/IEEM.
Francisco Leandro was Chair Professor in International Law at Portuguese War College (IAEM); Visiting Professor at Army War College in Angola (ISEM); Resident Professor and Senior Researcher at National Defense Institute (IDN); Guest Professor at ISCSP-UTL (Lisbon), Guest Professor at University of Coimbra (Portugal), Visiting Professor at James Madison University (Italy), Institute of International Humanitarian Law (Italy), NATO School (Germany), European Security and Defense College (Madrid & Delft), European Police College (Portugal), Military-Voenna Akademia (Hungary), Modena Military Academy (Italy) and Visiting Professor at University of Macau (FSS/Communication Department). Besides his academic engagement, he worked as Portuguese Army Legal Advisor, as Portuguese Representative to the Council of Europe – Committee of Experts for the Development of Human Rights’ Group on Human Rights of Members of the Armed Forces (DH-DEV-FA)(2005-2008), as Chief of Public Affairs Office, as European Union Battle Group 2011-12 Spokesperson (2008-2011), as Special Projects Manager, as Military Assistant to NATO Allied Joint Command Deputy Commander (2005-2008), and as United Nations Military Observer in former Yugoslavia (1995-1996).
Francisco Leandro taught various subjects: International Relations & Diplomacy; International Law; International Humanitarian Law & Law of Armed Conflicts; International Business Negotiations; Globalization; Nation-State & Nationalism; Media Global Studies; Media & Society; International Law War & Genocide; Security Defense & Journalism; European Union External Policy; CPLP Studies; Comparative Political Systems; Political Philosophy; Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR); Ethics and Public Service; Public Relations; Macao Basic Law; Environmental Law & Policy; Nationalism in Modern History, and Social Sciences Research Methodology, in Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Programs.
He is member of the Catholic University of Portugal Doctoral Program on Political Science and International Relations. He also published extensively on International Law, War and Gender Crimes, in the context of Armed Conflicts, and Sector Security Reform. Francisco Leandro is author of seven books and numerous articles and essays, some of them published by NATO Legal Gazette. He was awarded with five prestigious academic prizes.
As a former Portuguese Army Officer, he was awarded with the European Union Service Medal, United Nations Service Medal, D. Afonso Henriques Medal, 2nd Class of Military Value Medal, and Portuguese Army Distinguished Services Medal, and he also was awarded with 11 national and international commendations. In 2014 he was awarded with Institute European Studies in Macao (IEEM) Academic Research Grant, which is a major component of the Asia-Europe Comparative Studies Research Project (AECSRP).
In 2015, he has been awarded with the 3rd APCEA prize as University of Saint Joseph team mentor, at the 5th APCEA Business Presentation Contest, organized by the Asia-Pacific Communication Exchange Association (APCEA), held at Hengqin Campus of University of Macau. In January 2016 he has joined a Post-Doctoral Program Research (Project: State Monopolies in China – Reference: MYRG134 (Y1-L2)-FSH12-NTW) under the supervision of Professor Tak-Wing Ngo (FSS/UM). He holds a fluent command of English (C2 certified) and Portuguese (mother language), a fair command of Italian and French languages (certified), and a Diploma of Chinese Culture & Language issued by the Centro Científico e Cultural de Macau (Lisbon, Portugal, 2012). Since 2014, he is a member of Journal of Management and Training for Industries editorial board (Japan). Since 2012, he is Assistant Professor at University of Saint Joseph – President of Faculty of Creative Industries Pedagogical Council (2014-2016), Secretary of Scientific Council (2016-2017), and Visiting Professor at Institute of European Studies in Macau. Since November 2016 he has been the Institute of Social and Legal Studies programme coordinator at Faculty of Humanities (USJ). He is married, has established a permanent residence in Macao, publishes a weekly column in the Newspaper Tribuna de Macau and he is a regular TDM (Macau) commentator on international affairs, and an occasional contributor to China Daily HK Edition.

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