Prof. Manuel Porto

Manuel Porto

University/ Institution
University of Coimbra


Professor and Dean of the Law School of the University of Coimbra

Work address:
Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Coimbra
Pátio da Universidade
3004-545 Coimbra – Portugal
Tel: 351-239-859898; Fax: 351-239-859882;

Academic Degrees
* Graduation in Law (Law School of the University of Coimbra)
* M. Phil in Economics (University of Oxford)
* Ph. D. in Economics (Law School of the University of Coimbra)
* Full Professorship (Law School of the University of Coimbra)

* Professor of the Coimbra Law School, also with teaching duties in other schools
* Director of the Course in European Studies (Coimbra) and of the Course in Physical Planning, Urbanization and Environemental Law
* President of the Municipal Assembly of Coimbra
* Chairman of the National Council for Education

Past Positions
* Chairman of the Regional Planning Commission (1976-89)
* Member of the Commission for the Portuguese Tax Reform (1987-8)
* Member of the Municipal Assembly of Coimbra (1996-79 and 1993)
* Chairman of the National Council of the Plan (1986-9)
* Member of the European Parliament: where he was:
o Quaestor (1992-94); Vice-Chairman of the Budgets Committee (1994-7); Member of different Committees, as the Committee for Economic and Monetary Affaires and Industrial Policy, the Committee for External Economic Relations, and the Committee for Transports and Tourism; member of different inter-Parliamentary Delegations, as the Delegation for Relations with China and with Central Asia

Earlier participation in projects for:
* World Bank (project on trade liberalization and adjustment policies)
* OECD (projects on employment and tax problems)
* Council of Europe (project on emigration problems)
* European Commission (project on intra-industry trade)

Main fields of research
* International Trade
* European Integration
* Taxation
* Regional Development and Physical Planning

More than 100 works published in these fields; one of the most recent works in the 3rd edition, 2001, of the textbook Theory of Integration and EU Policies

* Commander of the Order of Infante D. Henrique (Portugal)
* Commander of the Rio Branco (Brazil)