Prof.Mario Telo

Mario Telò

University/ Institution
Université Libre de Bruxelles Institut D’Etudes Européennes BRUSSELS – Belgium

Political Science and European Integration

Small Summary
* Professor of Political Science, University Livre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgium.
* Research Director, Institute of European Studies (IEE, ULB) and Institute of Sociology.
* Jean Monnet Chair, “Problems of Political Union in Europe”.

Current status and academic honours
* Professeur of Political Science, International Relations and European Union studies at the Université Libre de Bruxelles(ULB) since 1987.
* Honorary J.Monnet Chair for Political Problems of European Union since 1998 .
* Director of the political department of the Institute of European Studies, Brussels (IEE, collective Prix Francqui in year 2000), since 1989 and Research director at the Institute of Sociology.

Curriculum Vitae, Education and Previous employement
* Master in Political science at Florence University (1974,) Spezialization in Rome(La sapienza,1978) and Researcher in Political science, 1982, always with best marks.
* Full time Researcher since 1974. Research activities: at the Issoco, Rome, and at the Universities of Rome; Berlin (Free University);Paris 1 , Sorbonne; New York ,Columbia Un. Etc
* Professor (chargé de cours) at the Universities of Copenhagen (1979),Bari (1980-83),Hamburg (1984,1985).
* Telo’ obtained the title of Associated Professor of History of Political Thought in Italy too (1986): and , later on, the academic title of “Professore ordinario”.

Visiting appointments and research seminars
Courses and research seminars ( in English) in the following Universities:

* Stockholm Un.( 1983) , Lund and Uppsala(1982),Copenhagen and Roskilde (Denmark, one semester, 1979-80), London ,QMWC (1991 and 92), and London School of Economics,( 1993).
* Since 1992,fellow of the Queen Mary and Westfield College, London,Institute for European Studies; Geneva,Summer school on the CFSP (2000), Montreal (2002).
* Harvard,CES,Cambridge (1999),European Policy Center(Brussels,2001),Panteion Un.(Athens, 1994), Istambul Univ(1995),Institute of Social Studies, New Delhi( 1998).
* Japan: Hitotsubashi Un.(1995 and 2001),International Christian Univ.(2000) and Chuo University (1999-2001,for three years, intensive one week classes), Kyoto Univ.(1995), Shizuoka Un.(1999) ; Macao European Studies Institute (IEEM ,1999,2000,2001,intensive one week classes) , Ho Chi Min City (intensive classes,two weeks , 2001).
* Sao Paolo (1999),Mexico UAM (intensive class , a week ,1985),Puebla (1992) European University Institute Florence, Academy of European Law , Collège d’Europe (Bruges),
* In German: Trier Acadelmy of European Law (2000 and 2001) , Bertelsmann Foundation (Gutersloh, Germany),Ebert and Neumann Foundations ( respectively 1994-1995 and 2000) , Hamburg Univ. (984-85), Berlin Freie Universitaet (1983),Berlin Humboldt Un.(1998) ,
In French: Paris, Nanterre (1997), Paris Sorbonne (1975,85 and 1990), Lyon (1998), Leuven Catholic University (Belgium, 1997).
* In several Italian Universities (courses in Italian), among them Florence Univ. (1991, 1995, 1999, 2000, 2001), Pisa School for Advanced Studies(2000), Padua (1985), Rome (1990 and 1999), Bologna, Master in International Studies (2000 and 2001), Bari, Parma, Pavia (Institute of European Studies), Forli’, Genua, Milan.
* He has been requested to represent the ULB Rector in Bruges (College), Rome (La Sapienza), Keio University,Tokyo.

M.Telo’ published or edited 21 books and more than 100 scientific articles and bookchapters in several languages (French, Italian, English, German, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Serbo-croatian, Flemish, Greek).
Since respectively 2 and 5 years, he is Director of two book series on “European Studies” , by Editions de l’Université de Bruxelles and by Editions Complexe, Bruxelles.

Main books (as author, editor and co-editor) : (with referees:**)

* The International Crisis of the Twenties (ed), 1976, in Italian and Spanish,1978**
* Unions, Neocorporatism and Politics in W.Europe (ed),in Ital., Milan, 1982**
* European Socialdemocracy in the 30s , in Italian , Milan,1984
* The European New Deal , in French ,Brussels,Editions de l’ULB , 1989 **
* The Swedish Model (ed),in Italian, Milan ,1984 **
* The German Socialdemocrats from Bad Godesberg to the Berlin Program, Preface by W.Brandt , in Italian ,Rome ,1988
* Towards a New Europe? (ed), Edition de l’ULB, Brussels, 1992 **
* EU and the Challenge of Enlargement,(ed) Editions de l’ULB, Brussels, 1993**
* Between Nation and Europe.Paradoxes and Dilemmas of European Socialdemocrats,(ed),in Italian, Milan 1991 ,and in French ,Brussels 1993.**
* EU as a Social Union ? (ed), Editions de l’ULB, Brussels, 1994**
* Democracy and European Construction (ed), Editions de l’ULB, Brussels, 1995**
* After the Break of Communism.The Revolution of 1989 and the Political Theory (ed in collab. with G.Haarscher), in French (Brussels, 1992) and in Greek(Athens,1996);
* Rethinking European Construction (ed. in collab. with P. Magnette),in French, Editions de l’ULB, Brussels, 1996 **;
* From Maastricht to Amsterdam. Treaty Reform in EU.,in French( collaboration with P. Magnette) Complexe, Brussels, 1996 **;
* Bobbio. State and International Democracy (ed),in French, Complexe, Brussels, 1999 ( second edition 2002);
* European Union and New Regionalism,(ed) in English, Ashgate, Aldershot ,2001**
* From the State to Europe, Carocci Rome 2004
* Europa potenza civile, Laterza, Roma, 2004
* Europe: a civilian power? ( Macmillan Palgrave fortcoming)

Special issues of scientific journals
* Where is New Germany Going ?( coll..with R. Seidelmann),special issue of “Europa/Europe” Rome, 1996**
* Ideas and models for XXIst Century Europe(ed),in Ital., special issue of “Europa/Europe”, Rome 1999 **;
* The evolution of EU governance,in ital., special issue of “Europa/Europe”,2001**.

Scientific Journals
* Member of the directors board of the “Journal of European integration”(Essex university, Colchester UK),” and of “Transitions” (ULB, Brussels).
* Member of the scientific board of three academic journals: the “European Union Politics”, “Journal of Southern Europe and the Balcans” , Italianieuropei”(Rome).
* Served as reviewer of the “Journal of Common Market Studies”, “European Union Review”, “Studia Diplomatica”, “Transitions “and other international journals .
* Scientific articles published also in :”Studia Diplomatica” (Royal Institute of Internat. Relations, Brussels), “Annali Feltrinelli” (Milan), “Teoria politica” (Univ.Turin),”Res Publica” (VUB,Brussels),”New Political Economy”(Sheffield Univ.),”Die Union”(Vienna, EU Commission), “Internationale Zeitschrift für Philosophie” (Un.of Heidelberg), “Il Politico” (Un.of Pavia) ,”Esprit” (Paris),”Il Mulino”.

Recent articles and book chapters in English
* Governance and Government in the EU,in M.J. Rodrigues (ed) The European Knowledge Society, Elgar, London 2OO2)
* The EU ,Regionalism and Global Governance, in “Studia Diplomatica”,2001,1-2
* Justice and Solidarity, in A Soul for Europe,ed by F.Cerutti and E.Rudolph,Peeters,Leuven-Sterling Virginia,2001
* European Social Democracy and the Third Way ,in “New political Economy”,n.1,2000
* The Nice Treaty reform: the Role of the Council in P.Cullen(ed) The European Institutions after Nice: are they Fit for Enlargement ? ,Academy of European Law Trier,Germany,2002.

Extensive media contribution
M.Telo’ takes intensively part in the public debate on European integration and international politics since more than 20 years . He published many articles in several european newpapers (Le Soir, La Libre Belgique, L’Echo de la Bourse , Il Mondo ,La Repubblica , Das Parlament, Libération, La Jornada, several Latino-Americans and Japanese media) and gave many interviews to newpapers, radio ,television and on line services (RTBF, RAI, ARTE,TV5, RTL, Deutsche Welle, Finnish and Swedish TV, etc).