Prof. Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

University/ Institution
University of Dortmund

Political Science, Philosophy and German Literature

Personal History
Date of birth: 1943. Leipzig, Germany

* Studied Political Science, Philosophy and German Literature at Frankfurt University
* Ph.D. 1973 at Frankfurt University.
* Habilitation, 1977, Free University of Berlin

Teaching Positions Held:
* 1978- 1994 Professor of Political Science (Political Theory) at University of Siegen
* Since 1995 Senior Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Department of Political Science at University of Dortmund

Grants , Fellowships, and Positions outside Academia

* Director of several research projects sponsored by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft ( most prestigious German Research Foundation), among others:
* The Theatricalization of Political Communication, 1995- 2001
* A Theory of Social Democracy, since 2002
* Since 1980’s Visiting Professor at numerous universities, particularly those in South-East and East Asia. A partial list includes: Japan, University of Tokyo (2000): Nepal, Tribhuvan University (1998): and India, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
* Academic Advisor to the European Commission for Social Sciences and Humanities since 2000
* Member of the European Research Network of Excellence (Garnet) since 2004
* Since 1990 Director of the Political Academy of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Bonn

Selected Publications
Author of more than 20 books and 150 articles on: social democracy, political culture, cultural diversity and citizenship, European affairs and democratic theory, many of which have been translated into a variety of languages Most recent books include:

* Social Democracy: an Introduction 1994, widely translated
* The Transformation of the Political (German, 1994, Translation into Croatian. (University of Zagreb Press)
* The Transformation of Social Democracy (German 1998, Translated into Russian)
* Identity Mania: the Politicization of Cultural Differences (German 1998, English 2000)
* Politik als Theater (Politics as Theater) (German 1988, also translated into Greek 2001)
* Die Inszenierung des Politischen (The Stage-Managing of the Political) (German 2000)
* Was ist Politik? (What Politics Is) (German 2000)
* Media Democracy , 2002 ( English version by Polity Press, Cambridge)
* Democracy: An Introduction , 2003
* Die Identitaet Europas (European Identity) 2004
* Theorie der Sozialen Demokratie ( A Theory of Social Democracy), 2005